Managing Tendonitis in Newark, Wilmington, and Middletown, DE 

Tendonitis in Newark, Wilmington, and Middletown, DE

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon, and if you’ve ever experienced it, you know how painful it can be. Fortunately, your foot and ankle specialist can help.

How a Tendon Functions

A tendon connects muscle to bone. The tendon stretches to accommodate the movement of your joints and muscles. If a tendon is stiff from inactivity and then suddenly is stretched beyond its limits, tendonitis, or in severe cases, a torn tendon, can be the result.

Causes of Tendonitis

Tendonitis is caused by overuse or overstress of a tendon. One of the most common types of tendonitis is Achilles tendonitis, which can lead to ankle and heel pain. There are several factors that can increase your risk of developing tendonitis, including:

  • Wearing the wrong shoes for the activity you are doing
  • Not stretching your feet and legs enough before exercising
  • Overdoing an activity, which can overstress your tendons

What You Can Do to Help with Tendonitis

There are several simple tips you can follow to ease the pain of tendonitis. Remember to:

  • Do calf stretches several times each day
  • Apply ice to your painful tendon several times daily
  • Rest and elevate your foot to take the stress off your tendon
  • Try to substitute low-impact activities whenever you can
  • Try to stay on even, dry surfaces if possible
  • Wear supportive footwear which is appropriate for what you are doing

How Your Foot and Ankle Specialist Can Help with Tendonitis

For moderate to severe tendonitis that doesn’t respond to home therapies, you should seek out the expertise of your foot and ankle specialist. Professional treatments your doctor may recommend include:

  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medications
  • Cortisone injections into the tendon
  • Physical therapy and ultrasound treatment
  • Assistive devices such as walking casts or boots
  • Repairing the tendon surgically

Want To Know More?

To find out more about the causes and treatment of tendonitis, call Drs. Ernest Troisi, Jason Kline, and Anthony Caristo at Delaware Foot And Ankle Group. You can reach them in Newark, Wilmington, and Middletown, DE, by calling (302) 834-3575, so call today.

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